Americans for Transportation Mobility (U.S. Chamber of Commerce-led effort and newsletter to advocate highway and public transit funding):

A Hurricane of PR


PR News:

High-Flying PR: Keeping Brand Close To The Vest is Key for Global Company


Publications Management:

Revitalizing Your Magazine — 13 Easy Steps


Southern Maryland This is Living:

Shuck and Awe: Oyster Farmers are Helping Southern Maryland Waters and Fueling a New Industry


Straight from the Horse’s Heart (Blog by leading author and advocate R.T. Fitch):

Congressman Moran Applauds White House Effort to Block Horse Slaughter


The Content Edge:

Tackling Ebola in 2015: Better PR is Needed to Help Manage Crisis


The Washington Post:

Living Historians of the Holocaust — Southern Maryland Seniors Speak for Those Who Can’t


Tobin Communications, Inc. (TCI):

8 Things To Know About the Role of Radio & Multimedia Today

Why PR Pros Shouldn’t Neglect Audio — News Feature for TCI

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