John Ko audio podcast for Center to Advance Palliative Care


Intro Narration:

In our new Get Palliative Care podcast series – “A Quality Life” – you’ll learn how palliative care can benefit a patient facing a serious illness.

Today, there is an increasing focus on how medical practitioners help patients cope with their illnesses and live more fully. This can include managing fatigue, the side-effects of treatments, and pain. For John Ko – a 21-year-old college student who has colorectal cancer – having access to a hospital-based palliative care team dedicated to addressing his pain made a real difference in his life, care and outlook.

In between a conversation that spans his love of cars, deejaying, mixing club music and the tremendous support he has from his parents, friends and girlfriend, John gives us some insight into how managing his pain, and palliative care, intersect.

(No narration) 1st soundbite

John shares how uncontrolled pain led him to learning about palliative care.

2nd soundbite

The team approach is a linchpin to how John’s overall care is directed.

3rd soundbite

John explains how his quality of life changed through palliative care.

4th soundbite

The emotional support John receives from medical professionals — as well as from his family and those in his social circle — is crucial to his well-being.

5th soundbite

John wants other patients facing serious illnesses to understand how palliative care can help.

6th soundbite

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